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UCM Unit: D-Box + QUASAR T25 + ASG UD
This system is made up of:
  • D-BOX XS UCM control electronic device
  • QUASAR T25 A3 overspeed governor + 24 VDC Anticreep device (the only compatible model) + (ASG-1XX UD) progressive safety gear built in the overspeed governor.

This system operates as a complete system of protection against car unintended movements with the door open, also known as UCM.

This unit complies with the EN 81-20/50:2014 and EN 81-1/2:1998 + A3:2009 standards, by using the governor as a UCM detection component and the safety gears as braking components. The system stops the car when a UCM occurs at a distance lower than 1 metre in accordance with the standard.

This protection system is certified as detection and braking device in the scope of the system against car uncontrolled movements with door open. Moreover, each component making up the system is also individually certified as overspeed governor and progressive safety gear in descent and braking device against overspeed in ascent, apart from having the corresponding certificate as components of detection and braking devices in the scope of the system against UCM.
Operating and maintenance instructions
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