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Overspeed governor QUASAR
QUASAR overspeed governor, in its standard version, is made up of a governor of greatly reduced size but with excellent features. It incorporates a pulley of Ø120mm to be used along with a Ø6 or Ø6,5mm steel rope. This pulley is supplied with a hardened groove by default, which provides it with great durability. Furthermore, the rope used has very little elongation, thus shortening maintenance intervals to a minimum.

Its reduced size and compactness make it perfect to be fitted in a lift’s shaft without machine room, since it requires little space.

which is used with the:
  • 6.5mm Gustav Wolf PAWO 819W
  • 6 / 6.5mm Pfeifer Drako 250T

Maximum rated speed: 2,18 m/s
Minimum rated speed: 0,1 m/s

Tripping speed:
    Minimum: 0,3 m/s
    Maximum: 2,63 m/s
    Minimum: 0,7 m/s
    Maximum: 2,63 m/s
Pulley Diameter: 120 mm
Overspeed contact included
Rope out protection included
Hardened groove included
  • (Optional) Remote tripping mechanism by electrical acting: 24, 48 or 190 VDC
  • (Optional) Anticreep device for UCM by electrical acting: 24, 48 190 VDC + Control sensor (All included as standard). ​When using the SD-BOX electronic device for UCM with Anticreep system, COIL should be 24Vdc

NB. For optimal performance, it is highly recommended to use the anti-creep system in conjunction with the SD-BOX.

230 VAC - 190 VDC Rectifier (optional)
Test groove (optional)
Protection cover (optional)

According to the standards: 
EN 81-20 and EN 81-50.

Operating and maintenance instructions
Certificate TP TC 011/2011
Poligono Ind. de Pina de Ebro. Sector C.p-9. 50750 Pina de Ebro. Zaragoza-España(Spain)
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