Dynatech Elevation
Overspeed Governor LBD-200


Maximum rated speed: 2,3 m/s
Minimum rated speed: 0,1 m/s

Maximum tripping speed: 2,74 m/s
Minimum tripping speed: 0,7 m/s

Pulley Diameter: 200 mm
Rope Diameter: 6 mm, 6,3 mm y 6,5 mm

Overspeed contact included
Rope out protection included
Test groove included
Protection plate included
Final limit device (optional)

Remote reset by electrical acting:
24, 48 or 190 VDC (optional)

Remote tripping mechanism by electrical acting: 24, 48 or 190 VDC (optional) or manual tripping mechanism (optional)

230 VAC - 190 VDC Rectifier (optional)
Hardened groove (optional)

According to the standards: EN 81-1 and EN 81-2.
Operating and maintenance instructions
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